25 August 2013

New Products and Some Adjustments

atolyemetiista, Atolye, Metista, Atölye, Metiista, Elizabeth K. Gordon, atolyemetista
All of the scarves I have produced so far, assembled on a drying rack in my studio
The last few weeks have been rather busy since our move. Our house is more or less unpacked, though we have some odd pieces of furniture on which we are waiting (either to pick up from various places, or to purchase and pick up). This month, I have been doing some work as an independent contractor for the college museum, as well, which has been a lot of fun. As an undergrad, I spent a lot of time there, as a student and as an intern, so it is wonderful to be back. In addition to unpacking and some outside work, I have been trying to make use of my lovely studio.

01 August 2013

Launch TODAY and Moving Updates

If you follow A.M. on Facebook, you might have noticed that a few weeks ago, I mentioned that today, 1 August, would be the launch of the Etsy shop. I realize that after announcing the date, I have been rather silent both here and over there on Facebook. I have a good excuse:  my husband and I have been in the midst of boxes for several weeks, first in preparation for our move, then after moving into our house. We moved in about a week and a half ago and finally things are starting to come together.

In a few days, we should have internet set up at the house, and then it will be easier to keep things up to date, not only for Atölye Metiista, but for us, in general. (Let me just say, e-bill pay is fantastic until you don't have internet at home. Then it's a huge pain.) But really, we love the house and the neighborhood where we're living. It's quiet, but not overly so, and it's around a mile from my husband's job, so he can walk if he wants, or only have about a 5 minute drive. I'm thrilled because I have a dedicated studio space--a room where I can close the door if I want to contain the mess and spare unprepared eyes/keep our overly curious cat out.

I haven't been able to work for weeks because of the move, but now that things are pretty well unpacked, I can get back to designing and painting. I had hoped to have ordered and made the pre-printed design scarves prior to launch, but life got in the way. Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be able to order the fabric. Then it won't take long to make them and get those postings up.

In the meantime, the Etsy shop should be officially up and running by 6 pm EST this evening, so feel free to go check it out!

02 July 2013

Updates and Exciting News!

Atölye Metiista, blue, fish, poisson, bleu, carp, koi, silver
Fish design inspired by Asian porcelain designs and the carp at Raystown Lake
Things have been rather busy around here over the last few weeks and I have some wonderful updates to share. For those who don't know, I celebrated my birthday last week. While I don't get terribly excited about my birthday the way I did years ago, I still had plenty to look forward to this past week.

What's In Stock on Etsy